World-known feminist activists you should know about

Gender inequality is something that is not at all tolerable and it is something that should never be implemented in the society. All such factors which foster this idea should completely eliminate. It is also important that the feminism is something that should never be regarded as radical feminism as it talks about equality of both male and females in the society. There have been many feminists in past as well as in current era that support the idea of genuine feminism and not its radical counterpart. These feminists have also made sure that the best and the most advanced outcome is generated with regards to feminism and the general public gets to know the idea completely.

Mary Wollstonecraft

She raised her voice about the gender equality during her prime-time i.e. in the mid-1700s. She is regarded as one of the great philosophers and the ideologists of her time. Her work  “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” is considered to be a masterpiece by the feminist organizations and movements of today. She also made sure that practical steps are taken to eliminate the gender inequality in the era. She is the mother of Mary Shelley, the writer of Frankenstein. She was also a very active feminist and therefore regarded a lot by the feminists of today.

Simone de Beauvoir

She is regarded as one of the most talented feminists of 1949. Her books and works include the famous masterpiece of “The Second Sex” and it was thought to have paved the way for modern feminism. She was really outspoken and wanted to make sure that the idea of gender inequality is shattered completely. The social construction and the role of the women in it are the other ideas which she put forward. She is one of the best feminist ideologists of all time and it is thought that she paved a way of modern feminism.

Eleanor Roosevelt

She is perhaps the most prominent and powerful lady on this list and she is regarded as one of the ladies that have worked a lot in her era. She did not merely entertain the White House but made sure that the Women Trade League and similar unions are supported. She also took practical steps to make sure that the feminist ideology is preserved completely. From 1935 to 1962 she wrote numerous columns and newspaper editorials to make sure that the feminism is highlighted in its true sense. She is one of the most active feminists of her era.

Elizabeth Stanton

She is regarded as one of the most prominent women feminists of all time. She was the friend of Susan Anthony who was another prominent feminist of her era. She was also responsible for organizing the first women rights convention in 1848 and here the foundation of feminism in America was laid. She also served as a president of numerous feminist organizations during her time. She also authored famous “Women’s Bible” and “Eighty Years and More” and these works still have widespread recognition.