The popularity of feminist movement in 2018

The waves of feminism have taken over the world’s society and it is all because of the fact that it allows the women to work side by side with men. The best part of the anti-feminist movements is that they take a look at every feminist movement as if it is a misandry movement. It is 100% correct because most of the feminist movements look down upon men and consider them as brutal and commanding. They make sure that no platform is left where such feminist movements don’t bash men. It is done for nothing and there is just a false sense of security that has been created. It is a fact that domestic violence does exist and there are many cases which have gained worldwide popularity. This does not mean at all that all men are oppressive. The family systems in 2018 are deteriorating and this is all because of the feminist organizations and movements. This is another alarming situation which has been highlighted by the anti-feminist organizations.

Women should be given equal rights and it is the need of the hour and half of the workforce of the world comprises of women. It is a good initiative if taken in a proper manner. This should never be done at the cost of family and social life of the women. The worse part of the feminist movements and why they are hated by women as well as the fact that they never let the women reconcile with men and as a result, a family is shattered into pieces. Reconciliation and giving chances to one another is something that makes a relationship work.  No relation in this world can survive without compromise and this is the very first reason feminism movements are hated throughout the men. Genders the rights of which are being advocated by these feminist organizations also hate the way they work.

The other worse part is that the feminism has greatly turned into radical feminism and therefore it has started oppressing the men. This is happening in 2018 and therefore these organizations are losing support with every passing day. The feminism is such a great idea that it should be implemented for sure but not at the cost of male suppression. The radical feminism has taken over most parts of the organizations and therefore the opposition is increasing as ever. Even in 2018, the women are against these organizations. It is only because they are not implementing the word feminism in its true sense.

Feminism is centered on equality which is a good idea as long as it is implemented in the way it actually is. But the misandry has taken over the good part of these movements and therefore they are no feminist movements anymore. The need of the hour is to make sure that the true sense of feminism is revived and the people get to know the fact that what it really means. Else the opposition of feminism will continue in 2018 as well even if it is recognized at the government level as well.