Latest feminist achievements and breakthroughs

The word “feminism” if implemented in its true sense is one of the best ideas which can be implemented for the women by any country in the world. The feminist movements are there in all parts of the world but they do not support feminism. The misandry is the word that is associated with the feminist movements and therefore they only foster the hatred against men. From the United States to Saudi Arabia the feminism movements changed the way people looked at the women and gave them equal rights. At the same time, misandry was promoted and the worse part of such campaigns was that they always talked against men and painted them as a suppressing force. Though this is not a good way to promote feminism still the movements have several breakthroughs in the field all over the world.

Rebuilding stronger

This can be regarded as the best part or the achievement of the feminist movements all over the world. The gender equality led the women to believe that they can also perform the rescue operations with the same efficiency as men and astonishingly they did. The initiative which was supported by the feminism movements from all over the world believed in women. Today we can see the women working in rescue operations and rebuilding efforts after natural calamities. The greatest showoff of this idea happened in 2017 when Mexico was struck by the worse ever earthquake of the history. Women worked and worked very well in the rescue efforts. This exceptional outcome would never have been possible without feminist organizations and their efforts.

Change in the Middle East

The most recent win of the feminist organizations was in Lebanon where the parliament completely eliminated the archaic law. Formerly this law allowed the men to elude the punishment of rape. It would only be possible if the rapist marries the woman that was raped. This law was completely repealed and the now even if the man is ready to marry the woman he rapes he would have to face the charges first which will be pressed by the women’s family. It is a great initiative to make sure that the women in the Lebanese society remain safe and secure. This has also allowed the feminist organizations of the country to take the full credit of the law. This law will make sure that no one goes above the law in any respect or capacity.

Change in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has transformed dramatically when it comes to the recent changes. The women can now vote and drive without any discrimination. There are musical concerts in which women can participate. The best part of the feminist movement in Saudi Arabia is that this gender can also contest elections. As per the latest election results, it is important to note that 13 women representatives have been elected throughout the country. These women have been elected for the very first time in the kingdom. It has given the strength and courage to the women that they are a really productive part of the society.