History of Canadian feminist movements

Feminism in Canada has been a struggle to make sure that equal rights are provided to men and women in Canada. There are four historic movements which are very famous in the history of Canada and they are known as “Four Waves”. These four waves made sure that the feminism is revived in Canada and the women get the rights which they demand and most importantly deserve. These movements were intense and therefore they are a subject of many debates regarding the issue till now. Out of these four waves, the Aboriginal and the Quebecois are the movements which were started to change the state of women on a larger level within the society.

The first wave of the feminism was the event that made sure people get to know the meaning of the word equality and feminism. It originated in the 19th and 20th century and became rapidly popular among different social circles. The most alluring slogan of this movement was to give equal rights to women in different walks of life especially public. This wave also ensured that the women get to know their role in society as they were called mothers of the nation. The most important organization of this era was Woman’s Christian Temperance Union that allowed the women to work side by side with men so that the equality factor is preserved.

The feminism continued within the Canadian society even after the Great Depression and the WWII but once these events were over the feminist movements switched their focuses and this was known as the second feminism wave in Canada. The focus of this wave was completely different from the first one and it did talk about gender equality in a completely different manner. The role of the women in the workforce and equal pay rate was the main focus of this movement. The women were really suppressed in Canadian society. The domestic violence added insult to injury and this wave addressed the issues very well.

The third wave of feminism started in the early 1990s and this is regarded as one of the most effective eras of feminism in Canada. The anti-racism and anti-capitalism are the ideas which are associated with this wave and these were highlighted during this wave. The most important factor of this wave was the fact that grass root level working was done by the feminist organizations as well as government departments to bring the change. The genital mutilation was also banned completely and thus bills were passed and the laws amended.

The fourth wave of feminism was started in 2012 – 13 and was associated with the use of social media. The sexual harassment and violence against women are the main actions which were addressed in this wave. Cat-fishing and cyberbullying against women were the issues which were addressed during this wave and the necessary laws were implemented. Apart from first 2 feminism waves in Canada, it is largely believed that the third and fourth waves are misandry waves instead of feminism. Hatred against men was fostered and the real meaning of feminism was never ever pursued or implemented.