Do people hate feminism and why?

The simple answer to this question is yes. It is because of the feminist organizations all over the world support misandry and not the women itself. In simple words, the feminist movements have evolved into men hating platforms. The movement was originally started to ensure that the women get equal rights as men but with the passage of time, it has been polluted to great extent. The villainous character which these organizations think of men is completely against the laws and rules of nature. In both sexes, there are good and bad people but these feminist movements just label men as the ones having shaky character. The good think about the concept is that it is not only men but most of the women also hate these kinds of movements. There are many reasons for it.

We have always achieved equality

This is a fact that we have always achieved the equality women we are looking for. There is not a single department in the organization is the West that does not have women working. These women are sometimes more productive than men and are provided with huge benefits. The attention of the organizations is also towards such women so that they can be appreciated. This is the case in almost all parts of the world. If it has been achieved then there is no need of any feminist movement at all.

Personal beliefs and values

There are many people in the world that are of the idea that the equal rights for men and women should be granted but not in a way feminism depicts. It is something that is not acceptable at all and therefore they do not align with the personal beliefs of many men and women. It is one of the ideas that are highly hated and people are of the view that such organizations should be eliminated once and for all. It is one of the worse ways to raise voice for equal men and women rights.

Today feminism has lost its meaning

Today feminism has lost its meaning

It is one of the things that are not acceptable and need is to implement the meaning as it is. The real meaning of feminism is that it advocates equal rights for men and women on the basis of gender equality and social equality as well. There is no feminist organization in the region that is acting in line with the meaning for which they came into being. You will see that most of the feminist organizations paint men as a suppressing force that always oppresses and subjugates women. The real family system is being destroyed which is a very bad idea.

Not in line with religions

This is also a fact that most of the people no matter which religion they follow are of the view that the feminism is not aligned with the beliefs. These movements are destroying the religious values and the laws that have been defined by nature. It is also one of the worse ways to show that women are being dominated which is actually not the case at all.